• Support Formula 24 Fife

    If you are interested in helping our worthy cause in any of the ways detailed below (or if you have any other ideas of how we can collaborate) please send your name, contact details and relevant experience to formula24fife at gmail.com, or use the contact form below.


    To sponsors us look at our packages below, or help in different ways as outlined below.

    Business visits

    Do you run a relevant design or engineering business, based in or around Fife? Do you want to visit us if you are consider sponsoring or mentoring us, or are you thinking about inviting our team members to visit your business? For any of these reasons, or if you have any other proposals you'd like to share, then we'd be very eager to hear from you.

    Become a guest mentor

    Are you a STEM Ambassador, or do you have expertise in STEM work roles (in your current or previous employment) that could benefit our teams? Please contact us and we'd be very happy to hear from you (if you want to share your skills with our eager apprentices). You could become a one-off special guest, or make a more regular appearance, we can arrange whatever suits your availability. Please get in touch and let us know your relevant skills and how you envisage you could help us.

    Join our organisation

    We are currently recruiting members for our Sub Committees, including Fundraising (create events, join events, grants applications), Communications (social media, press relations, visuals), and Race Organising (3 to 5 races in a calendar year). The tasks for each role can mostly be done remotely and could be shared between different volunteers. Quarterly meetings with the Steering Committee can be arranged at mutual convenience time and location.

  • Sponsor Packages

    Discover more about sponsoring Formula 24 Fife and our teams and what you can support

    You can donate to one lof our causes or share your sponsor across a selection. This package guide was created by our participants.

    We can design a custom benefits package just for you! Or if you are supplier who could help us, please get in touch!

    Our constitution supports STEM activities, facilities and opportunities at 'home' and 'away'!



    Race support

    • What it funds
    • At home - takes our teams to race in the three Greenpower Scottish race finals. 
    • Away - STEM activities
    • In return: 
    • Public thank you  on our website and/or social media.
    • An invitation to visit Formula 24 Fife.


    Supplies support

    • What it funds
    • At home -replacement and spare parts and operational supplies for our teams.
    • Away - minivan hire and fuel
    • In return 
    • Package 1 PLUS 
    • Sponsorship logo on our cars.


    Team support

    • What it funds:
    • Home - Operational costs of one car.
    • Away - Accommodation
    • In return 
    • Package 2 PLUS a mention in:
    • Public press release 
    • F24 Fife blog
    • ‘Thank you’ video.


    Charity support

    • What it funds:
    • Home - Operational costs of two cars, or
    • Away - flights  
    • In return
    • Package 3 PLUS  
    • Logo on our flags
    • Option for Fife Lightnin' to talk at your local workplace,  school or event.
    • Display our winnings (trophies, awards, etc) at their chosen place.



    Growth support

    • What it funds:
    • Home - New kit car team purchase and project operation for new team for a season, or
    • Away - shipping and transportation of car
    • In return
    • Package 4 PLUS:
    • Logo on our racesuits
    • Review of your product/service/recruitment by our participants, mentors and volunteers, or 
    • Set a design/engineering challenge/trial for the teams to complete.
  • F24 FIFE FUNDERS 2021

    Thank you to all of our incredible funders for the 2021 season. We are delighted we can use the majority of these funds to employ our own dedicated part-time Youth Worker and run our project with new methods during the lockdown period. The sponsor donations allow us to use the funds for races and STEM activities.

    Sponsorship - £2,000

    Peak Scientific is a world leading Scottish based company and has previously sponsored the Bragin' Fifers to help them travel and to America a few years ago. And have recently decided to support our F24 teams again! We're very thankful to be reassured that we will have their help going into the new season.

  • F24 FIFE FUNDERS 2020

    Thank you to all of our incredible funders for the 2020 season. We are delighted we can use the majority of these funds to employ part-time our own dedicated Youth Worker.

    Community Fund - £10,000

    "We are proud to support the good work you do, using funding raised by National Lottery players for good causes. It's thanks to them that we give out more than £600 million to charities, community and voluntary groups each year."

    Grant - £7,000

    "The Robertson Trust is currently the largest independent grant-making trust in Scotland and has a vision to improve the quality of life and realise the potential of people and communities in Scotland – inspired by the example of our founders, the Robertson Sisters."

  • Grant - £5,000

    "Using the funds raised by the Scottish Children’s Lottery, Chance to Succeed aims to reduce the damaging effects of financial hardship, poverty, disability and illness on the next generation. Working with charities and community groups, it supports projects with a focus on employability to help nurture a productive, positive future for young people in Scotland."


    Grant - £4,827

    "'In partnership with the National Emergencies Trust we are providing funding to support charities and constituted community groups.

    Whilst the first phase of funding focussed on meeting communities most immediate needs, the fund is now focussing on Recovery. This phase of funding will support organisations to continue their operations in the ‘new normal’, to re-establish or re-design their activities to comply with new regulations in addition to providing emergency support'.

  • Grant - £2955

    Coronavirus Contingency Fund - £591

    "Bank of Scotland Foundation receives an annual donation from Lloyds Banking Group as part of the Group's commitment to Helping Scotland Prosper. We donate these funds to charities across Scotland through our Grants Programmes and a Matched Giving Programme for Lloyds Banking Group employees in Scotland."

    The Champ Trust

    Grant - £2000

    Formula 24 Fife are Funded by Foundation Scotland. They work with people and organisations to help them give to good causes effectively. and in 2019 'distributed over £10m to communities right across Scotland'.

    "Our knowledge of the sector allows us to find lesser known charities, including community groups, ensuring our awards make a positive impact and create lasting change."


    Thank you to our incredible international supporters helping Fife Lightnin' take up the remarkable opportunity to race in the Greenpower USA race in Alabama as the only international team in a field of 52 USA teams! Representing Fife, Scotland, the UK and the rest of the world! They made us all proud! Coming back with a podium with 3rd place Advance Custom, but also by being superb ambassadors for Scotland, our charity and their team.

     Logistical support

    World Cargo Logistics have been a fantastic support, providing advice and assistance to help us achieve taking up the opportunity of the invitation to race in the Greenpower USA and have a residential STEM experience.


    World Cargo Logistics coordinated the complete movement from Scotland to the USA and from the USA to Scotland. They sponsored the trip to the USA in conjunction with their partners - Virgin Atlantic Cargo, Landstar, All Timberlines, and Forces Veteran Courier Service. They co-ordinated the cars return with sponsors Cardinal Maritime and Origin Logistics Solutions.


    Special thanks to Crawford for believing in the team, and Teresa for all her organisational support.

    International Cargo

    Virgin Atlantic Cargo shipped our F24 electric car from one of the worlds busiest airports at London Heathrow to the busiest in the world Hartsfield-Jackson, Atlanta International Airport in Georgia.


    They flew it out earlier than we took flight, as it needs time to get through customs and to be driven to the final destination across states to Alabama.


    We spoke to the Virgin Atlantic flight crew about our project and they were lovely and we had a photo opp! The flights were fantastic, comfortable and we felt very looked after as a group on every stage of our transit with Virgin Atlantic.

    Worldwide Freight Consolidators

    Cardinal Maritime are co-sponsoring the return of the car from the USA to Scotland with Origin Logistics.


    The car is being picked up in Huntsville, Atlanta, and driven by Landstar to New York! It will be then shipped to Manchester in England. Before being transported back to its home in Fife, Scotland.


    We removed the batteries and borrowed them from Greenpower USA and we also removed a penny battery that was used for the speed controller. We also had 2 helmets being shipped along with the car.


    Shipping Service

    Origin Logistics are co-sponsoring the return of the car from the USA to Scotland with Cardinal Maritime.


    The car in its crate will be lifted on a crane onto the ship and will be placed in a 40 foot container! Just as well the team packed it really well!


    Thanks again for World Cargo Logistics who must be the most connected in the shipping business for their support in co-ordination.


    The car returning to Scotland means it can continue its journey in racing back in Scotland, hopefully the international finals at Silverstone and perhaps even an international trip to Poland!

    Global Logistics

    Landstar Global Logistics provided the critical customs clearance procedures in the USA and ensured the on time delivery to Huntsville in time for the Greenpower USA Race.


    They picked up the car from Atlanta Airport (the busiest in all the world) and took it to our warehouse in Hunstville, Alabama.


    Greenpower USA arranged collection with Landstar to our car workshop hosted by Grissom High School. The school has a race track design planned into the build of the school!

  •  Crate packaging

    All Timberlines kindly made a custom-build heated treated crate to fit the dimensions of the Fife Lightnin' car to ensure it arrived safely and in perfect condition for its debut race abroad.


    The team unpacked the crate which had been transported by van, plane, then lorry. They were delighted to be reunited with their car which they missed.


    The team repacked the car ready for it to be shipped back by by lorry and ship on its return! We can't wait to be reunited with it!

    UK Transportation

    The Forces Veteran Courier Service kindly sponsored us by picking up our car at Crosshill Business Centre and delivered it to Aberdeen for packing by All Timberlines.


    They have offered to come and speak to the team about fundraising and Facebook marketing, which will be much appreciated!


    They are a special kind of business, employing veterans, including a supportive work environment for those who have suffered PTSD and a fantastic support network to help veterans.

    Race and STEM Experience

    Greenpower USA invited Fife Lightnin' to race in a field which had 52 entrants from across America racing, and Fife Lightnin' as the only international team!


    As the most hospitable hosts in every way, they enthusiastically made our STEM trip to the USA one to remember forever.


    They arranged our races, our base at Grissom High School, introduced us to other teams and mentors. They helped our car be accepted in to America and for its return.


    Special thanks to the team, especially Drew (President), Devin (Organiser) Jeff (on Board), and Zac (Attorney) and the Hunstville education team.

    Travel Management

    DP&LGroup helped organise our return flights to Huntsville, Alabama from Edinburgh. They also kindly donated a contribution to the overall cost of the flights.


    They recommended World Cargo Logistics as an supplier for shipping. We trusted their judgement as they started out as one of the first shipping companies before diversifying their offering. As you know that relation with World Cargo Logistics turned out mighty fine!

  • F24 FIFE FUNDERS 2019

    Thank you to all of our incredible funders for the 2019 season, without them the charity would no longer exist. We are thankful to all the local supporters in the community. Please get in touch to become a funder in 2020!

    Discover more about their support in our blog.

  • with Greenpower Scotland

    Venue host sponsor

    Race Part Suppliers

    Kit sponsor

  • John Young Signs

    Car livery sponsor

    Van hire

    Discounted van hire

    Greenpower Education Trust

    Race operator

  • About Formula 24 Fife

    Formula 24 Fife, is a registered charity (SCIO) SC047394 and is operated by a committee with support from mentors and sponsors. We currently have three teams who design, engineer and race electric powered Greenpower Formula 24 cars. We meet on Wednesdays from 6pm until 8.30pm at Crosshill Business Centre.


    Our Formula 24 Fife teams have won many podium places and came away with many trophies and medals at Scottish heats and have qualified for international finals. Hear about our recent races at the international and Scottish finals in our blog. A lot of hard work goes into preparation for these races, discover what activities we do and view a selection of our photographs.


    If you are interested in joining us as a helper, sponsor, fundraiser, special guest or participant, please contact us. Discover more about our recruitment and team set-up below, their activities and the history and constitution of Formula 24 Fife.

  • Constitution of Formula 24 Fife

    Our charity was set up to help build fun, accessible and career building opportunities in STEM activities and qualifications via the Greenpower Formula 24 scheme. Our project was previously operated for three years by the Youth Development team at the organisation Brag Enterprise, who now run Greenpower Scotland and help other Formula 24 teams set up throughout the country. Previously Kirsten and Ann, Youth Development Officers at Brag Enterprise , also helped Flyin' Fifers F24 Plus team set up and achieve success over two years.


    Formula 24 Fife is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) SC047394


    The organisation’s constitution purposes are:

    • To advance education through the promotion and delivery of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics / Mechanics (S.T.E.M.) activities to young people across Fife. Providing opportunities to young people to participate in STEM in a fun, practical and learning environment.
    • To provide recreational facilities and organise recreational activities around the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics / Mechanics (S.T.E.M.) 

  • Teams

    Discover more about our Formula 24 teams by checking our overview below and read more detail in our blog posts about our activities , race preparation, Scottish race review & results, racing at the international finals, fundraising, sponsors appeal & winter round-up.

    If you wish to join please contact our Race Manager Liam Lindsay at f24fifeteams at gmail.com


    New kit car team

    • Recruiting February 2020! 
    • Formula 24 kit car
    • Aged 11-16 years old
    • First kit car build
    • No experience necessary
    • Activities can include all or a combination of: design, engineering, racing, fundraising, portfolio creation, research, presentations, social media, and project management.

    Benarty Bullets

    • Started January 2019
    • Aged 11-16 years old
    • First kit car build complete
    • Joined with no previous experience
    Greenpower Race in season 2019
    • East Fortune Airfield
    • Grampian Transport Museum - won 'Best Newcomer'.
    Redesign of kit car in season 2020.

    Fife Lightnin'

    • Formula 24 custom build 
    • Aged 15-25 years old
    • Recruiting for those with design or engineering interest or experience 
    • Recruitment for team project manager and social media manager.

    Custom car (race season 2018/19)

    • EIT Engineering Award
    • Best Presented Award
    Kit car (race season 2016/2017)
    • Scottish heat champions
    • International finals 2nd fastest lap in 2017 (in 1st place before a battery ran out)
    • Portfolio Award/.

    The supporting team

    If you have any relevant experience that could help with delivering design, engineering, technology or enterprise activities and wish to volunteer as a STEM Ambassador or Community Ambassador visiting us for a one-off, adhoc or regular sessions please let us know.

    Please discover what we get up-to at Formula 24 Fife with quotes from our participants.


    5 trustees, 3 vacancies

    Liam Lindsay, Graeme Roberston, Codie Baxter, Jane Anderson, Ben Westland.


    If you wish to join as a trustee, please contact us to discuss at trustees.formula24.fife at gmail.com



    Thank you to Claire, Callum and Levana for there contribution in this role.




    Codie Baxter

    Codie started her F24 journey making a kit car with the Police team, she then joined Fife Lightin' with their custom build car and soon became their Team Leader. Codie was then appointed Project Leader for Formula 24 Fife and demonstrated her excellent organisation skills. If you visit our facility you will see all the hard work on creating processes and procedures on our walls to help future teams and volunteers.


    Jane Anderson

    Jane Anderson keeps our books in order and we are very grateful for her help.


    Retiree - Thank you

    Thank you to Jacquie Martin for setting up and maintaining our accounts so professionally and for being our treasurer from our beginnings as a charity. and until September 2019.


    STEM Mentors



    Thank you to Drew and Derek for their help over season 2019.


    We do need more STEM mentors for both regular and guest visits. Do you have experience for any subjects in: design, engineering, motorsport and enterprise.

    Race Team

    Our race team organise our Scottish heat races and those further afield in the UK and abroad

    Race Director - Graeme Director

    Race Manager - Liam Linsday

    Race Secretary - Codie Baxter

    F24 Fife support teams

    Recruiting support now!


    Julija Mihailova, Liam Linsday, all team members
    Media team:
    Julija Mihailova - facebook & visuals
    Levana - Website Manager

    Child Protection Officer:

    Cristina McKenzie

    External support

    Get in touch if you can help us!

    Youth Development Advice:

    Youth 1st

    Youth Scotland


    Governance Consultant:
    Marscott Consulting

    Alex Scott

    Advice and support:

    Brag Enterprise

    Greenpower Scotland

    Greenpower UK


    Fife Lightnin' & Bragin' Fifers

    Fife Lightnin'

    Greenpower Formula 24 International Finals

    Rockingham Speedway

    with Renishaw F24+ champs

    F24 & F24+ international finals

    Rockingham Speedway

    Race van sponsor

    Turner Van Hire - Perth

    loading at Brag Enterprises

    Best Presented Team award

    Sponsors - McGill Motorsports - kit sponsor


    IET Engineering Award

    F24 Scottish Championships

    East Fortune

    Fife Lightnin'

    The award winning design

    East Fortune

    Fife Lightnin'

    Race preparation

    East Fortune


    Benarty Community Shop


    F24 Teams

    Scottish Champions

    Grampian Transport Museum

    F24 Teams

    Scottish Champions

    East Fortune


    Fife Lightnin'

    International Finals

    Rockingham Speedway


    F24 Teams

    Scottish Champions

    East Fortune

    Fife Lightnin'

    Kit Car 1st, F24 3rd

    East Fortune


    Fife Lightnin'

    Kit car

    East Fortune


    Fife Lightnin'

    Scottish Champions

    Grampian Transport Museum


    Fife Lightnin'

    Scottish Champions

    East Fortune

    Bragin' Fifers

    F24 Scottish Champions

    East Fortune

    Bragin' Fifers

    Siemens EIT Engineering Award

    East Fortune

    Bragin' Fifers

    USA Jaguar Classic Race

    Speedway, Huntsville

    Bragin' Fifers

    Alabama, U.S.A


    Bragin Fifers

    Alabama, U.S.A

    Bragin' Fifers

    F24 Greenpower Finals U.S.A



    Bragin' Fifers

    Team and mentors


    Bragin' Fifers

    F24 U.S.A 'Spirit Award' Winners


  • Blog

    Designing, engineering and racing - read all about it!

    November 5, 2020 · FifeLightnin',greenpower,STEM,international,racing
    By Levana Starkey, Fife Lightnin' In my fourth year of racing we qualified to be the only team in Europe that got to travel to America, chosen by 'Greenpower USA' as we have shown our commitment and creative skills at our local races along with qualifying for Internationals 3 years in a row....
    Please get in touch if you have an event we could join or wish to help us raise funds. Enterprise challenges What? Car washWhere? tbcWhen? Late Spring  Prices - £5 a car, £7 a 4x4, £10 a van What? Handcrafts and information standWhere? Lochgelly COOPWhen? Early spring date TBC  What? Dog wash...
    January 14, 2020 · FifeLightnin',design,engineering,racing
    Designing F24 electric cars Fife Lightnin' “For both of ours cars we’ve used everyday items and adapted them to be the bodywork of our cars. Last year we used a recyclable plastic, inspired by a durable bin for our kit car. This year we have a normal rooftop box and have turned it into the...
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    If you have any related questions, please send us a message.

    Contact Liam for information about joining on f24fifeteams at gmail.com

    If you wish to support the project please contact trustees.formula24.fife at gmail.com

    Formula 24 Fife, Brag Enterprises, Crosshill Business Centre, Main Street, Crosshill, Lochgelly KY5 8BJ
    Wednesday 18.00-21.00
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