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Race to prepare for global stage

Fife Lightnin' head to the international Formula 24 Greenpower finals

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Custom build, brand-new dream come true!

When we discovered we we qualified for the Greenpower F24 International Finals at Rockingham Speedway the race was on with days to prepare to take Fife Lightnin's custom build electric car down south. Thankfully we already had the racing kit provided by McGill Motorsport and car signage prepared from John Young Signs, but we had a challenge on this was up against us:

  • No transport or accommodation booked
  • Minus Connor our incredible team-mate, so all the responsibility on 2 team mates
  • Our incredible STEM mentor out of action, so we didn't have expert help on hand.

Not ones to shy away from hurdles, we got into action. Finding a van that had 6 seats (for 2 racers, 2 drivers and a Bragin' Fifes navigator) and and a 2 metre loading space (for Fife' Lightnin's car) was like digging for gold! But we found it with Turner Hire Drive based in Perth, who digged out just what we needed in their custom build van to transport us and our custom build car! They kindly gave us a wonderful charity discount and brought it to our venue sponsor Brag Enterprises to check the car fitted in, and it did with their expert help. With their remarkable service they are keepers! What also surprised us was the van was brand new! It came back with nearly 1000 miles on the clock and a lot of adoration. What a luxury comfort to drive in and with cruise control it was made the motorways a breeze. The van also provided another solution - we converted it into our bed on arrival at the makeshift campsite at Rockingham motor speedway! Discover what happened at the race with our behind the scenes insights.

Turner Van Hire

Top Gear style adventure

The van performed brilliantly in our top-gear style adventure! On our drive back along the countryside route as the sun was setting, we spotted a vintage steam train powering through the valley, so we followed the track to the next stop. Of course being engineers, getting close up to investigate a steam train was a must! Channeling the incredible driving skills of Fife Lightnin', we navigated a steep single track B road and the van handled it brilliantly and we made it not even a minute before the train! A slight detour, but a highly memorable adventure on our return journey.


Thanks again to Turner Van Hire - Perth (van sponsor) and all of our incredible  sponsors whose grants fund our charity operations: Benarty Community Shop, Foundation Scotland & Ventient Energy, Co-op, and Aviva. Big appreciation to our supply partner sponsors: McGill Motorsport (race kit), Brag Enterprises (venue), and John Young Signs (signage).

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