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Formula 24 Fife - Winter Roundup

News from our new kit car team, Fife Lightnin' and Bragin' Fifers

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Fife Lightnin' round up

Design update by Sean

The car is made from a roof box for a car and it has a metal frame inside the roof box. This is to give us place to mount the steering, wiring, motor, wheels and lots more that is needed for the car. We decided to use a roof box because we won't need to worry about the aerodynamics of it because its meant to be on a car. Also a roof box is strong and also flexible which is good so it can hold our weight and all the car mechanicals. Another good thing about it is we can make curves in the plastic for clearance by heating it up and forming it.

The metal frame is made by wielding steel bars together and welding extra bits for batteries etc. The end product was spray painted silver to add some colour and to protect the metal from rust and scratches. There are some add-ins that weren't welded on because we needed to remove them to get to other parts. One of them is the roll bar, but that is bolted on so its easy to remove and we can get easy access to the rear axle . Other parts are the steering links , we didn't weld them onto the chassis as we need to remove them to remove the wheels. Another reason we made a made a metal frame inside is so that we can remove the roof box so we can raise with only the main chassis. We did this when we had an overheating and it was quick fix and temporary solution at the race, but we're working on a permanent solution for cooling the motor.

Progress Report for Bragin’ Fifers

We’ve started to build the car from scratch with limited resources, including our chassis, axles, attaching brakes along with belt chain and front roll bar. Most of this has been done with our own knowledge and skill as it gives us a chance to consolidate what
we know about our car and how to build it.

We’re also in the process of transferring from Formula 24 to Formula 24+. This is because we’re becoming too old for Formula 24, so we’ve had to move on. This is exciting for us as it gives us the chance for a fresh start in Formula 24+.

We’ve also done a fair amount of fundraising including a presentation to a local funding scheme that gave us £5000. We have also planned more fundraising events for the future to help us with improvements to the car and getting to races outside of Scotland.

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