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Fife Lightin' go to internationals!

Performance at the Scottish heat qualifies them for world champs

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Scottish heat - award winning & international qualifying race results!

Fife Lightnin' team quote 1/3

Arriving early in the morning to prepare the car, we unload it from the van and put the bodywork on. The scrutineers give us the ok and we all suit up for the race. I’m first in the car. I see the flag drop for the race start and pull the throttle. Before the first corner I’ve gained several places and am in the lead. Some faster cars pass us as the laps go on, but the car keeps running and holding its own. After some good dicing between our car and others, it is the end of my stint and time to pit. I dive into the pit lane and jump out the car as fast as I can, help Sean buckle in and push him off. That went way better than I expected. We can all be proud!

Fife Lightnin' put in a bold and unified performance at the East Fortune Airfield heat on 2nd September 2018. This was their first race of 2018 and their first ever in their custom build car, and the third and last chance to qualify for the international finals at Rockingham. So they had one chance this year! Brilliantly, the strong and focused team, came away with a double dose of awards at the East Fortune Heat in September 2018:

Best Presented Team! Thanks to our kit sponsors McGill Motorsport for making our racers look so smart. Best Presented also means how you interact positively with the marshalls, scrutineers and other teams (they kindly lent tools to other teams).

IET Engineering Award - The team's effort in their design work paid off! Turning a Thule roofbox into streamlined custom bodywork along with tailored engineering work. The team showed ingenuity between the 1st and 2nd race making temporary modifications to increase airflow to the car to keep it cool (and passed a 2nd scrutineering - phew!)

We are delighted to announce the team's hard work and dedication paid off to get their first custom car ready in time, as their lap times and mileage meant when compared with the rest of the regional finals, they were one of the top notch of team times! So they qualified for the International Final 2018 at Rockingham Motor Speedway.

There is not much time to get prepared between the very recent announcement and the race on the 6th October. But with an amazing energised team, brilliant mentor and helpful volunteers and sponsors we will figure it out!

Big thanks must go to the incredible support from our amazing Fife Lightin' STEM mentor Derek, as well as support from STEM mentors Peter, John and Brian over the past few years. A special mention to a special guest mentor Charlie Fraser too.

Without our sponsors we could not exist, and many thanks in their help to get us to this remarkable point: Brag Enterprise, Benarty Community Shop, Co-op, Aviva, Foundation Scotland with Ventient Energy, McGill Motorsport, and John Young Signs. We are in need of more sponsors, and we are in desperate need of new regular or guest mentors please share the word!

Please read the inside scoop on Fife Lightin' team mates experience below.

IET Engineering Award Fife Lightnin' Car

Fife Lightnin' team quote 2/3

I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I climbed into our car, people rushed back and forth, all doing their own thing. My team helped buckle me in and before I know it, I’m zooming across the race track. My eyes dart left and right, always looking for cars and cones. It feels like I’m flying when I turn the sharp corners, my mouth betraying me and splitting into a grin. After a few laps alone I finally see a chance to overtake a fellow racer, I eye the space beside the car and try to figure out how long I have until a corner comes and snatched away the chance.


I follow the other driver for another two corners until I finally see my chance, I glide past them just with seconds to spare before I see the other corner coming up. The next half an hour was filled with twists and turns, there’s people breaking down left and right. I feel a burst of happiness as I pull into the pit lane - I did well.

Fife Lightnin' team quote 3/3

When we arrive at East Fortune we immediately get the car ready for scrutineering, then get out for practice. Two laps later we all come into the pits and assess the car to make it better for the races. We remove the practice batteries and fit new race batteries. All kitted up and ready to go! Connor steps in and gets ready to go to our start line and he sets off to race!

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