We are recruiting for youth team members aged 11-25 years, STEM ambassadors, committee members and trustees. Please see details below and contact us at formula24fife at gmail.com

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    Aged 11-25 years old

    Join as an designer, engineer or in our support team!

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    Professionals & community members

    Join as a STEM Ambassador, or as support team member.

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    You can donate to one of our causes or share your sponsor across a selection.

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    • 3 teams to race in the Scottish heats



    • 3 teams to race in the British heats



    • 1 team to race in the USA Final 



    • Logistical partner


    New team

    • Kit purchase 
    • Operations costs 
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    Print on merchandise

    • Signage on the car 
    • Logos on our gazebo
    • Logos on our flags
    • Logos on our race suits

    Digital marketing

    • Logo on the website
    • Social media mentions at race events
    • Social media mentions for sponsorship
    • Blog article re sponsorship
    • Youtube promotion
    • Press release

    Product testing

    • Team of our designers and engineers doing product trials 
    • Can make video logs of testing

    Sponsor visits

    • Join us and present your business and any apprenticeships or recruitment
    • We can present our team developments 
    • Invites to our races and events
  • Events in 2019

    Fundraising events for you to join to support us and discover more about us


    What? Car wash

    • Where? Lochgelly COOP
    • When? Late Spring  
    • Prices - £5 a car, £7 a 4x4, £10 a van

    What? Handcrafts and information stand

    • Where? Lochgelly COOP
    • When? Early spring date TBC 

    What? Dog wash and photoshoot

    • Where? Venue TBC
    • When? Summer date TBC


    What? Swimathon

    • Where? Carnegie Leisure Centre
    • When? Sunday 24th February
    • Who? Run by Rotary Global. Half the funds go to End Polio Now and half go to Formula 24 Fife.

    What? Walkathon

    • Where? Fife Coastal Path
    • When? Summer date TBC
    • Who? Team members and their friends, family and any dogs
    • Funds? All funds to Formula 24 Fife


    What? Family Disco

    • Where? Crosshill Business Centre main hall
    • When? TBC
    • How much? £10 a family ticket (Up-to 2 adults and up-to 3 kids), additional kids £2, additional adults £5 

    What? Pizza Drive

    • Where? TBC
    • When? TBC
    • How much? TBC

    What? Family Ceilidh

    • Where? TBC
    • When? Season 4 2019
    • How much? £10 a family ticket (Up-to 2 adults and up-to 3 kids), additional kids £2, additional adults £5


    What? Casino Night

    • Where? TBC
    • When? TBC
    • How much? TBC



    What? Greenpower Formula 24 Scottish heats

    • Where? East Fortune Airfield
    • When? Friday 29 March and Sunday 22 September 
    • Where? Grampian Transport Museum
    • When?  Friday 14 June

    What? Greenpower Formula 24 International Finals (need to qualify)

    • When?  Thursday 17 October
    • Where? Silverstone Circuit

    What? Greenpower Formula 24 American Final (invited)

    • When? TBC
    • Where? TBC
  • About Formula 24 Fife

    Formula 24 Fife, is a registered charity (SCIO) SC047394 and is operated by a committee with support from mentors and sponsors. We currently have three teams who design, engineer and race electric powered Greenpower Formula 24 cars. We meet on Wednesdays from 6pm until 8.30pm at Crosshill Business Centre.


    Our Formula 24 Fife teams have won many podium places and came away with many trophies and medals at Scottish heats and have qualified for international finals, hear about our recent races at the international and Scottish finals in our blog. A lot of hard work goes into preparation for these races, discover what activities we do and view a selection of our photographs.


    If you are interested in joining us as a helper, sponsor, fundraiser, special guest or participant, please contact us. Discover more about our recruitment and team set-up below, their activities and the history and constitution of Formula 24 Fife.

  • Teams

    Discover more about our Formula 24 teams


    New kit car team

    • Recruiting now! 
    • Formula 24 kit car
    • Aged 11-16 years old
    • First kit car build
    • No experience necessary
    • Activities can include all or a combination of: design, engineering, racing, fundraising, portfolio creation, research, presentations, social media, and project management.

    Fife Lightnin'

    • Formula 24 custom build 
    • Aged 13-16 years old
    • Recruiting for those with design or engineering interest or experience 
    • Recruitment for team project manager and social media manager.

    1st custom build car

    • Engineering Award
    • Best Presented Award
    Formula 24 Kit car
    • Scottish heat champions 
    • International finals 2nd fastest lap in 2017 (in 1st place before a battery ran out) 
    • Portfolio Award

    Bragin' Fifers

    • Formula 24 +
    • Aged 16-25 years old
    • Second custom build car in the making
    • Recruiting for those with design, engineering or project management or experience.

    1st custom build

    • Scottish heat champions & international final qualifiers
    • Invited to represent Scotland at U.S.A Greenpower F24 Finals in Alabama 
    • USA Jaguar Classic Race 'Spirit Award' winners.
    • Stayed at the NASA Space station.
  • Formula 24 Fife


    If you have any relevant experience that could help with delivering design, engineering, technology or enterprise activities and wish to volunteer as a STEM Ambassador or Community Ambassador visiting us for a one-off, adhoc or regular sessions please let us know.

    Please discover what we get up-to at Formula 24 Fife with quotes from our participants.

    Designing Formula 24 racing cars

    Quotes from the team members

    Fife Lightnin'

    For both of ours cars we’ve used everyday items and adapted them to be the bodywork of our cars. Last year we used a recyclable plastic, inspired by a durable bin for our kit car. This year we have a normal rooftop box and have turned it into the bodywork for our new, improved custom build car.“


    Bragin' Fifers

    "We used Autodesk for our custom build bodywork and we could see if it creates drag or not and test other factors. This was a logical process but it enables us to be creative."

    Engineering Formula 24 racing cars

    Quotes from the team members

    Fife Lightnin'

    Before we start building our car, we plan it all out and but sometimes things change when we realise a better alternative during the build. Some parts of the car are more challenging than others, but at all times we must have full focus.”


    Bragin' Fifers

    "We use a lot of tools and we need physical strength for non power tools. We use ingenuity for when it comes to solving problems, as we don’t have a lot of resources, so we have to make do with what we have.”


    Racing Formula 24 racing cars

    Greenpower Formula 24 qualifying Scottish heats are at East Fortune Airfield Racetrack and Alford Transport Museum. The International Finals have been at Rockingham Motor Speedway.

    Quotes from the team members:


    Fife Lightnin'

    When I first started on the racetracks, I was in the pit crew, this was a good way to learn the responsibilities of supporting the driver. Now with racing and as much as driving is a thrilling sport you need to take precautions, like not going too fast on corners and you need to be aware of those around you, as well as being aware of the marshals for warnings to slow down or stop.”


    "I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I climbed into our car, people rushed back and forth, all doing their own thing. My team helped buckle me in and before I know it, I’m zooming across the race track. My eyes dart left and right, always looking for cars and cones. It feels like I’m flying when I turn the sharp corners, my mouth betraying me and splitting into a grin. After a few laps alone I finally see a chance to overtake a fellow racer, I eye the space beside the car and try to figure out how long I have until a corner comes and snatched away the chance".


    Bragin' Fifers

    Its good to race the car knowing you built it, you feel a sense of pride something you have built is a racing success. The car is fast and it feels like Formula 1 as you are low down it feels a lot faster than 20 mph, like 50 or 60 mph".

    Other Formula 24 team activities

    The team mates are consulted with many aspects of running the charity, like what to spend the budget on and how to raise funds. Fundraising activities have included a swimathon, bag packing at supermarkets, a treasure hunt and a vintage tea party. The team mates do admin associated with their activities too, like researching and purchasing parts and they won Greenpower award for keeping a terrific portfolio of their work, and for the smartness of their team uniforms and they way they engage with marshalls and other teams. They have also done the paperwork of evidence of their work to achieve an AQA Engineering qualification and an Industrial Cadet award.

    Join us as a participant

    If you have kit car or engineering experience

    If you wish to join as a participant are between 13-18 years old and have developed a kit car and/or have engineering experience please contact us to consider joining us now.


    If you have no kit car or engineer experience

    If you have no experience and wish to join as a participant, please contact us to register your interest in joining us. We are recruiting for a new kit car team for ages 11-13 years. We are also recruiting project managers and social media manager aged 13-18 years old. No experience is necessary as long as you have the passion and commitment to dedicate to this project.


    Fife Lightnin' & Bragin' Fifers

    Fife Lightnin'

    Greenpower Formula 24 International Finals

    Rockingham Speedway

    with Renishaw F24+ champs

    F24 & F24+ international finals

    Rockingham Speedway

    Race van sponsor

    Turner Van Hire - Perth

    loading at Brag Enterprises

    Best Presented Team award

    Sponsors - McGill Motorsports - kit sponsor


    IET Engineering Award

    F24 Scottish Championships

    East Fortune

    Fife Lightnin'

    The award winning design

    East Fortune

    Fife Lightnin'

    Race preparation

    East Fortune


    Benarty Community Shop


    F24 Teams

    Scottish Champions

    Grampian Transport Museum

    F24 Teams

    Scottish Champions

    East Fortune


    Fife Lightnin'

    International Finals

    Rockingham Speedway


    F24 Teams

    Scottish Champions

    East Fortune

    Fife Lightnin'

    Kit Car 1st, F24 3rd

    East Fortune


    Fife Lightnin'

    Kit car

    East Fortune


    Fife Lightnin'

    Scottish Champions

    Grampian Transport Museum


    Fife Lightnin'

    Scottish Champions

    East Fortune

    Bragin' Fifers

    F24 Scottish Champions

    East Fortune

    Bragin' Fifers

    Siemens EIT Engineering Award

    East Fortune

    Bragin' Fifers

    USA Jaguar Classic Race

    Speedway, Huntsville

    Bragin' Fifers

    Alabama, U.S.A


    Bragin Fifers

    Alabama, U.S.A

    Bragin' Fifers

    F24 Greenpower Finals U.S.A



    Bragin' Fifers

    Team and mentors


    Bragin' Fifers

    F24 U.S.A 'Spirit Award' Winners



    Thank you to all of our incredible supporters and partners in 2018 season. Get in touch to become a sponsor!

    with Greenpower Scotland

    Venue host and guidance

    Foundation Scotland



    Charities Aid Foundation

    Race Part Suppliers

    Kit sponsor

    John Young Signs

    Car livery sponsor

    Aviva Insurance


    Greenpower Education Trust

    Race operator

  • History of Formula 24 Fife [SCIO]

    Our charity was set up to help build fun, accessible and career building opportunities in STEM activities and qualifications via the Greenpower Formula 24 scheme. Our project was previously operated for three years by the Youth Development team at the organisation Brag Enterprise, who now run Greenpower Scotland and help other Formula 24 teams set up throughout the country. Previously Kirsten and Ann, Youth Development Officers at Brag Enterprise , also helped Flyin' Fifers F24 Plus team set up and achieve success over two years.


    Formula 24 Fife is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) SC047394


    The organisation’s constitution purposes are:

    • To advance education through the promotion and delivery of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics / Mechanics (S.T.E.M.) activities to young people across Fife. Providing opportunities to young people to participate in STEM in a fun, practical and learning environment.
    • To provide recreational facilities and organise recreational activities around the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics / Mechanics (S.T.E.M.) 


    The supporting team


    Honourary Trustee - Codie Baxter

    Trustees for 2019:

    Callum Blyth, Liam Lindsay, Clare Blyth, Jacquie Martin, Jayne Coulthard, Graeme Roberston. We currently have two vacancies for trustee positions.


    Callum Blyth

    Callum has 6 years experience with Formula 24 as member with Brag Enterprise and F24 Fife before becoming a trustee and chairperson.


    Jacquie Martin

    Our impressive treasurer Jacqui is looking to step aside, so if you have credentials for this position, please let us know!


    Codie Baxter

    Codie started her F24 journey making a kit car with the Police team, then joined Fife Lightin' and soon became their Team Leader and Project Manager.

    STEM Mentors




    We need more STEM mentors for both regular and guest visits. Do you have experience for any subjects in: design, engineering, motorsport and enterprise

    Race Team

    Our race team organise our Scottish heat races and those further afield in the UK and abroad

    Race Director - Graeme Director

    Race Manager - Liam Linsday

    Race Secretary - Codie Baxter

    F24 Fife support teams

    Recruiting support now!


    Jacquie Martin, Clare Blyth, Jayne Coulthard, Julija Mihailova, Liam Linsday, all team members
    Media team:
    Julija Mihailova, Gavin Harrower, Jayne Coulthard

    Child Protection Officer:

    Cristina McKenzie

    External support

    Get in touch if you can help us!

    Youth Development Advice:

    Youth 1st

    Youth Scotland


    Governance Consultant:
    Marscott Consulting

    Alex Scott, Rory Scott

    Advice and support:

    Brag Enterprise

    Greenpower Scotland

    Greenpower UK

  • Support Formula 24 Fife

    If you are interested in helping our worthy cause in any of the ways detailed below (or if you have any other ideas of how we can collaborate) please send your name, contact details and relevant experience to formula24fife at gmail.com, or use the contact form below.

    Business visits

    Do you run a relevant design or engineering business, based in or around Fife? Do you want to visit us if you are consider sponsoring or mentoring us, or are you thinking about inviting our team members to visit your business? For any of these reasons, or if you have any other proposals you'd like to share, then we'd be very eager to hear from you.

    Become a guest mentor

    Are you a STEM Ambassador, or do you have expertise in STEM work roles (in your current or previous employment) that could benefit our teams? Please contact us and we'd be very happy to hear from you (if you want to share your skills with our eager apprentices). You could become a one-off special guest, or make a more regular appearance, we can arrange whatever suits your availability. Please get in touch and let us know your relevant skills and how you envisage you could help us.

    Join our organisation

    We are currently recruiting members for our Sub Committees, including Fundraising (create events, join events, grants applications), Communications (social media, press relations, visuals), and Race Organising (3 to 5 races in a calendar year). The tasks for each role can mostly be done remotely and could be shared between different volunteers. Quarterly meetings with the Steering Committee can be arranged at mutual convenience time and location.

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    November 22, 2018 · design,engineering,STEM
    Fife Lightnin' round up Design update by Sean The car is made from a roof box for a car and it has a metal frame inside the roof box. This is to give us place to mount the steering, wiring, motor, wheels and lots more that is needed for the car. We decided to use a roof box because we won't...
    November 7, 2018 · international,design,engineering,Sponsor
    Custom build, brand-new dream come true! When we discovered we we qualified for the Greenpower F24 International Finals at Rockingham Speedway the race was on with days to prepare to take Fife Lightnin's custom build electric car down south. Thankfully we already had the racing kit provided by...
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